Minnesota voters reject gay marriage ban

Along with voting on the US presidency last night, residents of the state of Minnesota voted on a proposed amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. While gay marriage is already banned in the state, such an amendment would make it considerably more difficult to legalise gay marriage in Minnesota. 

The amendment was defeated with a 51% majority, making Minnesota “-the first state to turn back an attempt to write man-woman marriage into a state constitution” (Twincities.com)

After 17 months of campaigning for both supporters and opposers, twincities.com claims “-it wound up becoming the most expensive amendment campaign in state history.” The “Vote No” campaign raised more than $11 million, with the “Vote Yes” campaign raising a mere $5 million. 

Same-sex couples and supporters are ecstatic, and while the road to gay marriage in Minnesota is still a long and winding journey, this is already such a significant step forward. 


Not Bad, Barack

As the United States of America’s presidential election came to an end, after two years of campaigning, the internet swelled with tweets, status, memes, and jokes about the two main candidates. A few weeks before the election, on sites such as memebase and reddit, jokes and picture ‘memes’ started to pop up in most cases favouring Barack Obama over Mitt Romney or just making fun of the election all together. Obama has been used in memes since he became president, four years ago. A cartoon rendition of him with the large red caption ‘Not Bad’ is used on many ‘memes’ and has made him a favourite amongst social media users.

Obama himself uses the popular site Twitter to reach out to his demographic. His popularity on the site was shown straight after he won the election , when he tweeted a picture of himself and his wife, Michelle. The tweet became the most retweeted post in the history of the site, after being retweeted over half a million times. Other politicians on Twitter are usually very rigid and considered by many young people as ‘boring’. Obama’s relaxed Tweets, such as his gratification tweet to his voters, ”This happened because of you. Thank you.”, are considered by many as more relateable

After the election there were almost half a million posts every minute about him, this truly shows that the rest of the world was behind Obama, and unlike other politicians, he has mastered the right way to use the internet. Not Bad.