LiveJournal Review

by Owen O’Donnell

LiveJournal is a somewhat obscure social networking site in the United Kingdom with a large usage in the United States. It combines the social networking aspect of adding “friends” to your page in addition to keeping an online blog. Continue reading

Flixster: A haven for movie lovers

By Richard Jones

Not to be to self involved, but I do consider myself to be somewhat of an all round movie aficionado. As such, I was absolutely overcome with joy when I stumbled across the niche social networking site ‘Flixster’. No self-respecting cinema goer should ever be to far away from the site’s grasp.

The website’s central idea is that users can upload their own reviews of the most up to date movies as well as having the chance to rate the best and worst of today’s film roster. I was first impressed by the site’s simple yet attractive layout. I don’t know about you, but when I first started using Facebook many moons ago, I was left wondering how anyone could manage to fill so much of their time on a website that seemed to have very little to offer. The front page is crisp and clean. Flixster offers a site that is far easier to navigate than most of it’s social networking rivals.

The website also impressed me as it offered something that I didn’t expect from it. Not only are you able to rate and share your movie experiences, but users are also able to meet other, like-minded movie buffs.

However, as is the case with all of its competitors, Flixster suffers from the same insufferable advertising that can really hinder these websites. Unfortunately some of the more in your face adverts took away from the site’s slick and polished finish.

Despite this, I will certainly be visiting Flixster again (and downloading the app). The site impressed me and not just because it offers me, and many others, an outlet for my pent-up movie madness but because I was pleased to find that the greatest movie of all time- The Lion King- had received an honorable, if under-rated, 89% approval.

Facebook Stalking

This social media crazed generation casually throw the term ‘facebook stalking’ around but now this term can have serious repercussions. An article from the press association explains

‘Stalkers could be barred from targeting their victims on Facebook and other social networking sites in a crackdown on harassment, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has said.

Prosecutors should issue restraining orders that “meet the particular risks presented in each case” and there “should not be a repetition of routine clauses”, the new CPS guidance said.

Restrictions could include orders “not to display any material relating to the victim on social networking sites including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter”.’

The new law arguably gives the term ‘stalking’ a more definite explanation – this can help cases involving stalking and the victims involved. However i think this article can also prove just how much of an impact social media has on our lives and the people within our lives. Who would of thought posting a nasty comment about a peer could have such a huge impact on that persons life- but if you think about it with over 400 million active users on facebook that one comment can find it’s way round hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. With the risk of that sounding over-exaggerated, this facebook stalking can have an massive effect on people’s life. Myself knowing victims of facebook stalking it really is horrendous and raises the question if the term should be taken more seriously.

Many victims try to delete the ‘friend’ who is stalking them , but from my own experience I know it is possible for the person to still contact you through facebook mail. It seems the only thing you can do is delete your whole account altogether, but to my surprise when I asked a few of my friends if they would do this if they were in that situation all of them said no. Now if that is not commitment to social networking I dunno what is! Many said ‘ I would be left out and miss what’s going on, and lose touch with my friends’ and the more I started to think about it the more I thought to myself I don’t think I would either…would you?

Social networking appears to be the easiest option for stalkers, when all they have to do is click a button and type in a name and there you go cheap and easy stalking. From my own experience there appears to be no restrictions on swearing in your facebook status or leaving comments so what could of stopped a stalker leaving a harsh comment about you on your profile for everyone to see ( if you have not yet deleted them)  or mentioning you in their status , or constantly harassing you. Well now thanks to the facebook groups such as ‘I am being facebook stalked and i don’t like it’ and all the victims who came forward there have been major changes and the law is now cracking down on the matter – meaning we won’t have to delete are oh so sacred and essential twitter, facebook and youtube accounts. Thank goodness for us.

Kelly Wade.

Chatting for Plastic

As of two years ago there is a new meaning when it comes to women who seek rich men for their credit cards- now they are looking for men superficial ,or perhaps just lonely enough, to pay for their plastic desires, all at the press of a button.

There is now a social networking site that is designed specifically for women with the desire to be the next Katie Price’’. The women on the site create a profile designed to attract men so that they will in the end send money to the website which will then  go towards the funding for the women’s plastic surgery ‘needs’. The ambitious women are encouraged to put as many ‘nice’ pictures up as possible as the website points out this will attract more men and then in the end more plastic!

The men are allowed to contact the women through the site and build a relationship with the women so they can choose to fund them or not- but I wonder how safe can this really be? They can chat on the site and the women can decide if they want to talk through other mediums. The men are deciding to give over their own money to a person they have never met based on a photo and a paragraph they have written specifically to entice a potential ‘buyer’. I also want to raise the point of how much of this money is actually going to the women? Could the site creators be taking in a lot more than they are letting on? I also wonder how safe is this site. Some of  these women AND men are obviously vulnerable and therefore can easily be taken advantage of- how can they be sure they are talking to the person they think they are, this can become increasingly dangerous when money is involved.

The problem with a lot of social networking sites is you can’t always be 100% sure who you are talking to at the other end, a lot of scamming news stories have been the result of many- this site not only has a high chance of being the same outcome. In my opinion I think this gives the sexes both a bad name- it can be argued that nobody needs breast implants so I can see no good in the site. but perhaps this is open to debate and I am not seeing the bigger picture.

Kelly Wade

p.s this was very rushed so the grammar and spelling not great! lol ( an article written about the website with great quotes)

Meeting up and Experiences

Hi Guys,

While browsing the web for some useful social networking sites, some that might come in handy over the next couple of years, I found two sites which stood out for me.The first is a site which allows people with shared interests, hobbies or goals to meet up very easily. This site is Meetup and just brings people from all over the world together.

The second site is Experience Project which lets people share their experiences and meet or talk to others who the same thing may have happened to. I was just thinking that maybe if we ever come across a story and need multiple people who have experienced a similar thing, this would be an easier way to access them.

Obviously there’s many more around, in fact, if you just type in ‘social networking websites’ into Wikipedia, you get this list. Sites such as Urban Cougar,FML or I Just Made Love are all great fun and could of course offer potential story material, but I don’t think I’m going to go into those just now.

Hope this helped,