Audio, Video, Disco – Song by Song

Finally, the hype-train has arrived at the station. The doors hiss open, and as you step out you are greeted by two peculiar looking French fellows. One sports a rather fetching handlebar moustache, whilst his partner looks more like a Brazilian Cillian Murphy. It’s Justice, wearing questionable black-leather biker jackets and tight jeans. Without a word, they hand you a copy of their new album – “Audio, Video, Disco” and a pair of large headphones, just before disappearing in a poof of smoke for another few years. Tentatively, you slide on the headphones and press play; the dulcet horns of Genesis echoing in your memory, as you briefly reminisce back to when the original album swept you away to a nocturnal land where the earthrumbling bass of ‘Waters of Nazareth’, otherwordly synths of ‘Let There Be Light’ and the infectious child-vocals of ‘D.A.N.C.E’ led you on one of the most memorable electronic adventures of your life.  You await a similar experience to that of ‘Cross’ of course; why fix what isn’t broken? You glance down at the new cover art-work, and notice (as you are particularly attentive) that it is identical to ‘Cross’, yet it is lit up and bright rather than dark and grungy. Does that perhaps indicate a change of sound and style, whilst still staying true to the core of what made the original album great? (Yes, yes it does.) Continue reading