Scottish Independence Debate Podcast

Stuart Johnston presents an independence debate with Ashtin Loughry and Cameron Bark. Will independence be a good thing for Scotland or not?

What do you think about auctioning your virginity?

I went around Craighouse campus and asked students their opinion on the Catarina Migliori case. The 20 year old brazilian student auction her virginity online and the highest bid came to US$780,000.

She claims she is donating a large chunk of the money for charity, does it then make it okay? Should prostitution be legal?

Listen to their thoughts on the subject below:

Opinion of 4 Napier Students

Kirsten McStay’s Opinion

Meghan McCormack’s Opinion

by Aline Siekierski (@AlineSieks)

Sick Kids Friends Foundation

by Rachel Small


As the economic downturn continues to hit families hard charities are being hit even harder still. Many are struggling to survive through a perfect storm of the withdrawl of government support and grants and fewer donations coming in from the general public. One such charity that desperately needs support is The Sick Kids Friends Foundation.

The Sick Kids Friends Foundation works alongside the Royal Hospital for Sick Children to provide support for the patients of the hospital and their parents and carers. Continue reading

Sick Kids Friends Foundation

by Rachel Small

This is my podcast about Sick Kids Friends Foundation. You can find their website here