Frankenstorm Sandy: Winds of Ignorance reach record high speeds

The return of Irene’s neglected little sister has sparked mass, undiluted gullibility to spatter over social media like, well.. urine in a hurricane. Coupled with the sincere hashtag of #PrayForNYC, hurriedly photoshopped and archived pictures reminiscent of “The Day After Tomorrow” are being uploaded onto Facebook and Twitter in a struggle to post the most striking and moving image. Not to downplay the storm itself – which came to a close mid-way through this week – leaving a steep death toll of over 100 and $60 billion in damages and reparations in its wake. Whilst certainly disastrous, Sandy’s infamy has been inflated so much by the viral spread of these fake pictures that it has become a major contender for the Earth’s major super-villain spot, currently indisputably held by Jimmy Savile.

A truly awe-inspiring, powerful showcase of Adobe Photoshop, combining a photo of the New York harbor with a 2004 shot taken by Mike Hollingshead.

#PrayForNYC #StatueOfLibertyRIP

Well that’s much less exciting.









The thought was there, and with the influx of these pictures it did – in a slightly misinformative manner – manage to get a staggering amount of people interested in Sandy around the world. However, as people strove to post the most striking and shocking picture in relation to the hurricane, they were simply just trying too hard. The real images – especially the ones taken in the aftermath – are the most incredible.


Joseph Leader, Metropolitan Transportation Authority Vice President and Chief Maintenance Officer, takes a look at the worst natural disaster to strike the transit system in its 108 year history.

A ying-yang effect of burnt houses and unburned at Breezy Point, Queens after it was devastated by Sandy on Oct 31st. (© Reuters/Adrees Latif)










(Right-click > View Image for enlarged original picture.)

The real trauma that residents in New York, New Jersey and most notably the Caribbean nations of Jamaica, Cuba and the still-recovering Haiti is destroyed homes, loss of life, complete lack of power for over 8 million homes, high flooding in all areas affected, and the reparations to be made after the third most economically damaging storm in history – not sharks swimming around the streets and the Statue of Liberty being subject to fake atomic looking clouds.

If you are one of the people who passed on one of these fake images – do not seek repentance. We’ve all done it. Photoshop is a crafty minx, and with a true master behind the reins, anything can be believable. Unless I photoshopped a picture of the hurricane on the offset of Edinburgh castle of course, in which case you would all scoff and provide it with the caption of “A lovely summer’s eve.”