Eva Longoria for President?

V for Victory: Eva Longoria shared a snap of her election party on Twitter after the presidential election was called on Tuesday eveningNever did I expect to be influenced more by a celebrity in the American election than the candidates themselves. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I knew Eva Longoria was an actress on Desperate Housewives, I would have thought she was running for the president herself. Her effort in supporting Obama on twitter has been widely congratulated, “@EvaLongoria thank you for believing in not only Latinos and women but minorities!”,  “@EvaLongoria You are part of the new freshness and positive modern attitude towards elections. So well done. You deserve congratulations.” Every day she posted quotes, pictures, facts, and re-tweeted people who were also Barack Obama fans. Her dedication for the President was unstoppable, and this is only one celebrity. I am sure she wasn’t the only one promoting the election. This change in the way that people are influenced nowadays with internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook, can make or break an election. Obama’s use of Twitter influenced millions to vote for him with his regular updates of speeches and quotes, along with his wife Michelle. His tweet, “4 more years”, has just become the most re-tweeted tweet ever when the announcement broke that he had won. Is this the way forward for politics? It seems so, as Eva Longoria tweeted, “We did it!!!”.

Obama back in bringing with him at least 19 female senators.

During the last American elections in 2009, we saw the United States grow as they voted in their first ever African American president, democrat Barack Obama. This time round, with Obama returning for a second term, at least 19 female senators will help make up the 113th Congress – the highest number in U.S history.

Republican Deb Fischer (Neb.) and Democrats Tammy Baldwin (Wis.), Mazie Hirono (Hawaii) and Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) will be joining the Congress this time round. Also, with two Republican female senators retiring, 15 of the 19 women will be democrats.

“Democratic women in the Senate were the first line of defense against the Republican war on women,” stated EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock. “Voters saw the role they played, and they trust them to lead on the issues that matter to women and families. That’s why they sent every single Democratic woman up for re-election to the Senate back to Washington. It’s an incredible testament to the good work these women do in Washington.”

Also, this election saw Obama bringing American politics directly into the modern world by using Twitter throughout his campaign. Even at the end he used the social networking site to let the world know his success with three simple words and one heartwarming photo. ”Four more years.” The president tweeted – which became the most retweeted post in the history of the site.

American politics is no longer just for the traditional white middle-aged man.

Not Bad, Barack

As the United States of America’s presidential election came to an end, after two years of campaigning, the internet swelled with tweets, status, memes, and jokes about the two main candidates. A few weeks before the election, on sites such as memebase and reddit, jokes and picture ‘memes’ started to pop up in most cases favouring Barack Obama over Mitt Romney or just making fun of the election all together. Obama has been used in memes since he became president, four years ago. A cartoon rendition of him with the large red caption ‘Not Bad’ is used on many ‘memes’ and has made him a favourite amongst social media users.

Obama himself uses the popular site Twitter to reach out to his demographic. His popularity on the site was shown straight after he won the election , when he tweeted a picture of himself and his wife, Michelle. The tweet became the most retweeted post in the history of the site, after being retweeted over half a million times. Other politicians on Twitter are usually very rigid and considered by many young people as ‘boring’. Obama’s relaxed Tweets, such as his gratification tweet to his voters, ”This happened because of you. Thank you.”, are considered by many as more relateable

After the election there were almost half a million posts every minute about him, this truly shows that the rest of the world was behind Obama, and unlike other politicians, he has mastered the right way to use the internet. Not Bad.

Review on Twitter

By Amy Louise Grant


Twitter is a social media website designed to allow users from around the world to express their views on different topics in short statements of 140 characters or less. It was created in 2006 by Jack Dorsey who had the idea of using a type of text messaging that allowed people to communicate with a small group of others. Over the past few years, Twitter has gained rapidly in popularity with everyone from celebrities to politicians noticing the potential it has to communicate their opinions to the mass market or encourage them to purchase products that they endorse. Continue reading

Cut the guy some slack.

For two years Obama has been pacing the carpeted floor of the White House. For two years, his hair has dealt with the stress, in the only way it knows how,by turning grey. So what did he achieve; the economic stimulus package, the Health care reform and The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Apparently, that’s not good enough for the Americans. He warned it wouldn’t be easy, but if they all stuck together, they would come out on top. It was all just words it seems, as his followers bolted at the first sign of trouble.Obama tags a “but..” at the end of his euphoric slogan, “Yes we can..”and suffered a degrading defeat in this years midterm elections.

I say, give the poor guy a break, one can’t blame him for the economic downturn. Look around you, we’re all suffering. Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Iceland, all a mess.Where is their loyalty? The thing that bugs me is that George Bush can rule for eight years, without as much as a puzzled look. Eight years! My sincerest apologies, and these are my views alone, not that of Napier Social Media, But Bush is a fool. You can even buy posters as proof.

But even  Bush has nothing on President Obama’s new rival for the White House’s mahogany desk. Give it up for the Tea Party Candidate Christine O’Donnell, the pro-gun, anti-abortion, masturbation hater. Has the world gone mad? Go back to Obama, cut the poor guy some slack. He’s got style, charisma and hope. All he needs now is a bit of support from the people.