Minnesota voters reject gay marriage ban

Along with voting on the US presidency last night, residents of the state of Minnesota voted on a proposed amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. While gay marriage is already banned in the state, such an amendment would make it considerably more difficult to legalise gay marriage in Minnesota. 

The amendment was defeated with a 51% majority, making Minnesota “-the first state to turn back an attempt to write man-woman marriage into a state constitution” (Twincities.com)

After 17 months of campaigning for both supporters and opposers, twincities.com claims “-it wound up becoming the most expensive amendment campaign in state history.” The “Vote No” campaign raised more than $11 million, with the “Vote Yes” campaign raising a mere $5 million. 

Same-sex couples and supporters are ecstatic, and while the road to gay marriage in Minnesota is still a long and winding journey, this is already such a significant step forward. 


No Shave November

Very popular, regarding to Twitter, although not many people I know (most of which don’t tweet) have heard of this campaign, which leads to assumption that it has been developed in social media websites.

This is what a social campaign should be like – very simple to perceive and execute. Men, who agree that the health of their Parts is important not to forget about, grow a beard – the next most masculine attribute of theirs. To my taste it sounds like a beautiful November, when men look natural and are not afraid of showing how they care about their health. But what makes the other part of this article is the notion of men privatising the No Shave November.

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