The North has an image problem…

By Samantha McLean
The North has an image problem…whether you agree or disagree, listen in to Sam’s reasoning and leave a comment!

Free Speech: A Given Right.

by Morag Robertson

A few days ago, Labour MP, Ivan Lewis, stood up and suggested restraining the malpractice of journalists with the threat of being ‘struck off’ as a journalist. Social networking sites did not take long to explode with angry comments, as every listener and reader of this speech grabbed their phone or their laptop and blogged furiously with their thoughts on this matter. Continue reading

Striking Off Journalists or Striking Off Our Freedom of Speech?

A doctor is convicted of malpractice. He or she is struck off, never to practice again. A journalist convicted of malpractice. He or she might be sued or fired but is free to work again.

A doctor is convicted of malpractice. He or she could have ruined a person’s life.  A journalist is convicted of malpractice. He or she could have ruined a person’s life. Continue reading

Ivan Lewis and The Social Media Revolution

by Rachel Small

Ivan Lewis is a Labour Member of Parliament for Bury South, Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport. You probably won’t have heard of him – that is until yesterday. Because yesterday – in a speech at the Labour conference in Liverpool, Ivan Lewis suggested that any journalist who have behaved inappropriately should be struck off.  The obvious and more sinister repercussion of this idea would be that their would have to be a register of journalists in the first place. The interesting thing about the backlash was that it first appeared not in the traditional press but on social media sites. Continue reading

‘i’ Newspaper

The Independent has launched a new daily newspaper which is aimed at people who don’t  have the time to read print news. (Does anyone think they may fall into that category?!)

The i newspaper is the first daily paper to be launched in Britain since 1986. It is in the style of a quality newspaper, shares the same journalists and editorial staff as The Independent and is designed to provide a more compressed and brief account of the daily news.

The purpose of i seems to be to make print journalism more accessible to people who enjoy reading quality papers but don’t have the time to consume the hoards of information that a daily quality offers. The Independent also hopes that i will act as a teaser for their readership and that it may increase their circulation by tempting readers to buy the full version when they have more time.

I bought the first edition of i today and it’s a great little paper. It’s definitely aimed at the younger generation. It’s cool, colourful and it’s 56 pages contain unmissable selects of news, views, sports and business. There is also a features section called IQ.

The cherry on top of this little-sister paper is the 20p cover price which is great for students and offers an affordable alternative to the Metro.

Lisa Toner

Seeing isn’t always believing

Amid regular consumption of the news online you’re bound to stumble across, quite frankly, rubbish. Have a read of this article in The Sun and watch the “INCREDIBLE” video footage.

The third paragraph down confirms the video is fake and yet the article continues to waffle on about utter junk. A personal favourite line has to be “…some keen-eyed spectators have reported knowing the video was fake by the way the unicorn’s tail moves and the fact that it is not pure white.” – really?! That’s the only way that they know this was fake? We’re speaking about a UNICORN here!

The worthiness of such “news” really should be questioned before being published as this sort of stuff is a complete waste of internet bandwidth, despite being pretty funny.

Anyway, I must end this blog now as I’m off to Loch Ness to see what there is to see there…

Supermedia superman

Charlie Beckett is the author of Supermedia which you will all recognise as one of the essential reading books for our Social Media module. He is also the director of POLIS – an innovative think tank for the London School of Ecconomics which carries out valuable research into contemporary  media and communications.

Beckett has an authoritative background in Journalism with a 20 year history working for the BBC, ITN and LWT.

While we were looking at journalism blogs in our Social Media tutorial on Wednesday I came across Charlie’s director’s blog on the POLIS website where he frequently comments on matters of journalism, society and the media.

I’ve had a look through his most recent blog posts which comment on topics ranging from the impact of social media in the political arena to how traditional journalism standards and ethics can be maintained in the growing new media environment.

This is a great blog with lots of reference to how digital media affects journalism and society.

Lisa Toner