Just give me some peace and quiet for a while. Please.

Scotland: the country that gave us Robert Burns, William Wallace and Ricky Ross. It’s also the country that has given us an entertaining, yet dreary independence vote. Ever since the Scottish National Party pledged to hold an independence vote in their manifesto in 2007, it has almost come to the time where Scottish people make their decision to whether they want to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. While there is plenty of time to make a decision on whether you want to vote for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, the topic of independence has grown tiresome.

Most Scots are prevalent on Twitter and the aspect of social media has been a significant factor during the Scottish independence vote so far. This is mainly down to the SNP’s idea of implementing social media in order to get people to vote ‘Yes’. It is supposed to allow people to be convinced to vote ‘Yes’ by using a simple hashtag: #voteyes. However, it isn’t all roses and daisies. There seems to be a fair use of animosity on Twitter – and not just Twitter. Facebook, blogs and YouTube seem to be hostile, filled with arguments about why independence is better for Scotland. On Twitter, especially, you can clock the people who are voting ‘Yes’. They have ‘Yes’ in their profile picture; they have ‘Yes’ in their bio; and they have ‘Yes’ in their cover photo. One, in particular, and this is no word of a lie, had a guy who designed melted cheese on toast in the shape of ‘Yes’. There’s being passionate about your opinions, and then there is making cheese on toast as a statement. Hang your head.

The argument continues on Twitter when Scotland Tonight is on air. Very often they have a televised debate which usually ends up in a fat politician being lynched. That genuinely happened in November of last year when Nicola Pigeon (Sturgeon) faced the Secretary-of-State for Scotland, Alistair Carmichael in a match of politician deathmatch. Here, we witnessed the vulgar tongue of Sturgeon who essentially vilified Carmichael on air while he was – and I’m going to quote Malcolm Tucker here – like a sweaty octopus trying to unhook a bra. The man was all over the place, but mainly because the vicious Sturgeon had dropped him into that – a woman who has absolutely no dignity or respect. I took to Twitter following that debate and the Scotland Tonight hashtag was filled with ‘Yes’ voters claiming that Sturgeon had ‘won’. Nobody won. You will only win in September, and that’s if you win.

Now it seems that you cannot get away from Scottish independence. Wherever you go, there are people in the street handing out fliers; there is adverts everywhere; there are people wearing ‘Yes’ badges; and there are even households getting ‘Yes’ newspapers through the door! That newspaper is essentially free bogroll, but I don’t want independence shoved in my face. I mean, you don’t provide the Scottish public with a newspaper through their door and state that The Proclaimers are for independence. Nobody cares if those two halfwits are for independence, it isn’t going to swing my vote. In addition to this, there is even sly bribery involved where you can win an iPad and money if you enter a competition. How desperate does one party become in order to gain more voters on their side? I know it isn’t directly targeted towards me but glancing over the next computer, there was someone on the Yes Scotland website which stated that a River City ‘star’ was for independence with a picture that tries to grab the attention of male readers. Great tactic. Totally irrelevant, Sean Lafferty (or Laugherty, perhaps?).

That’s why I have become bored of independence. I’m bored talking about it, I’m bored hearing about it, and I’m bored seeing it everywhere I go. Not only am I fed up of all that, I’m sick (yet quietly laughing) at the desperation of the ‘Yes’ campaign. I know it’s extremely difficult to move away from independence, unless you moved to Singapore or something, but you can’t go anywhere without knowing about it.

Reading this, you may be thinking, “this guy is definitely a ‘No’ voter.” Actually, I’m on the fence more than anything, but if from now to September there is a continuation of desperation in terms of ideas and off-the-hook policies, I won’t be venturing into ‘Yes’ territory.