Pro- Union or Pro- Independence?

With what can only be described as one of the most historical propositions in Scottish politics to be presented to Scots in over three- hundred years, Scottish Independence is a topic on everyone’s lips. Having been part of the United Kindgom for over three hundred years, the outcome of this event is likely to alter the country, over the coming years, forever.

It is apparent that the majority of Scots remain undecided as to whether they are pro- independence or pro union. Many are still not convinced by the Scottish National Party’s (SNP) proposals. One Twitter user tweeted “I hear a lot of SNP buzzwords, exaggeration and speculation, but no answers to attract economic questions to do with #scottishindependence”. It is clear that the SNP must be most specific in what they hope to achieve if they wish to convince the Scottish public that independence is the way forward. Continue reading

Scottish Land Registry abandons costly IT projects

Meadowbank House - Registers of Scotland HQ

Bosses at the Scottish quango responsible for registering property have abandoned two IT projects at a cost of £6.8 million because, in the words of a Scottish Government Gateway Review which reported in 2011,“the successful delivery of the project/ programme appears to be unachievable.“ Continue reading