Eva Longoria for President?

V for Victory: Eva Longoria shared a snap of her election party on Twitter after the presidential election was called on Tuesday eveningNever did I expect to be influenced more by a celebrity in the American election than the candidates themselves. If it hadn’t been for the fact that I knew Eva Longoria was an actress on Desperate Housewives, I would have thought she was running for the president herself. Her effort in supporting Obama on twitter has been widely congratulated, “@EvaLongoria thank you for believing in not only Latinos and women but minorities!”,  “@EvaLongoria You are part of the new freshness and positive modern attitude towards elections. So well done. You deserve congratulations.” Every day she posted quotes, pictures, facts, and re-tweeted people who were also Barack Obama fans. Her dedication for the President was unstoppable, and this is only one celebrity. I am sure she wasn’t the only one promoting the election. This change in the way that people are influenced nowadays with internet sites such as Twitter and Facebook, can make or break an election. Obama’s use of Twitter influenced millions to vote for him with his regular updates of speeches and quotes, along with his wife Michelle. His tweet, “4 more years”, has just become the most re-tweeted tweet ever when the announcement broke that he had won. Is this the way forward for politics? It seems so, as Eva Longoria tweeted, “We did it!!!”.