Concern is raised as Dunfermline’s expansion fires the population. (Online Report)

The rise of Dunfermline Eastern Expansion is putting increasing pressure on Fife Council as demands for primary school spaces grow higher.

The Dunfermline Eastern Expansion (known to locals as DEX) is a development of a combination of industrial, commercial, recreational and residential areas.                        

Situated in the East of Dunfermline, towards the edge of the town, the DEX will be developed over the next twenty years.    

With the population of Dunfermline currently over 40, 000, the DEX has seen the arrival of hundreds more families to Dunfermline. Continue reading

Angus Council’s Survey Suggests More Cuts to Music Could Be on the Way

By Amy Louise Grant

More cuts to music education could be expected throughout Angus it has been announced. A recent survey published by the council asks the public whether they should cut the number of specialist visiting teachers to primary schools.

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Everyone’s talking about Essex

It has became the norm recently to create television series about school life. From Jamie Oliver attempting to do the impossible and make the whole country healthier and fitter to the new series on our television this month.

After recently watching Educating Essex on Channel 4, I asked myself, why? Why have they chosen to pick this school out of every school in the country. Continue reading