Disney’s Very Own Evil Empire

Disney last night announced the $4 billion acquisition of studio giant, LucasFilm – and promptly confirmed their intention to make three new Star Wars movies.

The family film-making titan has in recent years embarked upon a strategy of diversifying their portfolio, gradually absorbing ESPN, Pixar and Marvel into the brand.

Now, with the addition of LucasFilm, Disney have in their hands sci-fi’s most iconic saga.

While the three prequels in the existing cannon fell short of the original trilogy by quite some distance, there is now concern among fans that Disney are set to ruin the franchise with three movies which will follow Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Han Solo in the aftermath of “Return Of The Jedi.”

George Lucas has built LucasFilm from the ground up over a period of almost four decades, and, given the price Disney have paid for his studios, he was decidedly less concerned.

“For the past 35 years, one of my greatest pleasures has been to see Star Wars passed from one generation to the next. I’ve always believed that Star Wars could live beyond me, and I thought it was important to set up the transition in my lifetime.”

Despite Lucas’ relaxed attitude on the subject, social media sites have been quick to criticise the decision in comical fashion.

One image has been widely circulated with Death Star space stations from the movies being used to recreate Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse logo.

The first of the new trilogy, with the working title “Episode VII” is scheduled for release in 2015.