Scottish Land Registry abandons costly IT projects

Meadowbank House - Registers of Scotland HQ

Bosses at the Scottish quango responsible for registering property have abandoned two IT projects at a cost of £6.8 million because, in the words of a Scottish Government Gateway Review which reported in 2011,“the successful delivery of the project/ programme appears to be unachievable.“ Continue reading

Angus Council’s Survey Suggests More Cuts to Music Could Be on the Way

By Amy Louise Grant

More cuts to music education could be expected throughout Angus it has been announced. A recent survey published by the council asks the public whether they should cut the number of specialist visiting teachers to primary schools.

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BBC Scotland Cuts

By Amy Louise Grant

With an annual running cost of £2.4 billion, the BBC has decided to introduce spending cuts throughout the country with BBC Scotland being faced with a £16 million decrease in budget. With a cut this large it comes as no surprise that up to 150 redundancies are to be expected in Scotland alone.

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I am a WAG

That’s right, I am a WAG. No I’m not married to a footballer and covered in fake tan, I have joined a campaign – Woman Against George.

Check out this Labour campaign against cuts that “expose how he and the Coalition are not on women’s sides” – Women Against George!

The site uses social networking to show how much support the campaign has and you can link the site on facebok and twitter to show your friends and followers where your loyalties lie and how to join the campaign themselves. It just goes to show how much social networking plays a part in everything now. However, I sometimes wonder if things like this isolates older party supporters and even MP’s. I just thought id put it out there for you to check out – it’s quite an interesting angle on the cuts too!