The Leverage of Beverage

In this short, six-minute educated podcast, a discussion between three students debate the current drinking age in the UK and the US which currently sit at 18 and 21 respectively.

Ricky Gervais Turns Back On Britain

by Morag Robertson, Eilidh Walker and Nadia Younes

Ricky Gervais recently said, in an interview with the Radio Times:

‘Americans are brought up to believe they can be the president of the United States. British kids are told: “‘Don’t be stupid. It won’t happen for you,”‘

Ricky Gervais is known for making controversial comments on a matter of subjects. Below is a podcast of a discussion of some comments made by comedian Ricky Gervais on the subject matter of British youth culture and the contrasts in American youth culture.

A forgotten classic.

Richard and Judy Book Club.

Banished from our television screens and not a moment too soon (in my personal opinion). Still the Richard and Judy book club works away secretly online without the annoyance of having to listen to Richard’s bumbling or watching Judy hide her shaky alcoholic hand. In fairness, I do believe that if you’re not reading then you’re not suitable to be writing, so the Channel 4 golden couple’s suggestions and the comments of those who still adore them could provide an insight into interesting new book releases. I think it could be a dark horse.