The independence question – you decide

When it comes to the Scottish independence referendum, I’m not sure. It’s not a case of a lack of information as such, but probably a bombardment of disinformation.

When the original idea of an independence vote came around I was prolifically no. But really it was because I was thinking of ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. But that’s a pretty shallow argument, so it took a bit of thinking to arrive where I am now. I would say that I’m on the fence, leaning towards yes. My lean is attributed to one section of arguments: politics. The reason for that is because the way I see it the only spectrum in an independent (or not) Scotland that can truly be predicted is political.

The current state of affairs isn’t particularly desirable as Scotland is under a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition that we specifically didn’t vote for. I come from an area of Thatcher wasteland so for my community being ruled by Conservatives is a huge injustice. So, at least if we were independent we would be ruled by a government that we actually voted for. Thin argument if that’s your only one though.

The other side of the coin is that if we vote no then how would Scotland be treated as part of a country that we tried to escape. I dread the thought.

For me, that ends all viable arguments. For there is no models to compare of an already developed country in a similar situation. Because Scotland and the rest of the UK are so similar, I can’t see there being many social or economic arguments either way. This is unlike the situation with the Catalan region of Spain, which with the huge tourism industry in the region, if they were to become independent, and follow other small countries in installing a duty free law, could see their area turn into a country or principality such as Andorra or Monaco. The way I see it Scotland will remain indifferent.


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My first blog.

I thought some of you may be interested in reading my first blog. The blog is based on 3D TV and… well just read it if your interested really. Don’t forget to follow me aswell!

The 3D Fad.

Hope you like it!

“Citizen journalists will never replace real news”

Here’s a very topical article – Andrew Marr’s views on bloggers – would you agree?

WordPress Apps

For those of you who are enjoying this whole blogging experience, I recently came across different apps that make blogging from your computer screen (without accessing the Internet) much easier. WordPress Apps is a page dedicated to various apps for Windows, Macs, Linux and apps for the IPhone and Blackberry of course.

My personal choice is Windows Live Writer, and it has a quirky layout and directs your finished blogs straight to your main blog site. I don’t think it will publish blogs straight to the Napiersocialmedia site, because it is private, but it is a handy and much clearer layout than the WordPress online structure. For all the gadget-geeks out there, these apps will be right up your street. Just kidding