Fame and Fortune Knox out Importance

We always remember the killers. No matter how brutal the suffering of any victim, it’s the killer’s names that stick. The alien idea of cold murder allows us to enjoy the exciting stories it creates which can make us quick to assume. We embrace the doubt that lurks in our minds and unfortunately, this seems to remain when it comes to the recent updates on Amanda Knox.

The fate of her future depends completely on how we the judge, prod and perceive her innocence which is concerning, particularly as the case introduced her to us as a sex manic, pot-head, and psychotic knife-killer. The media loved it and so did we.

So, now Knox, like her former boyfriend Raffele Sollecito, has to move on from four years of imprisonment for a crime she apparently did not do. Amanda Knox was like any other student enjoying life studying abroad though has now suffered a life changing event that will see her future, in whatever way it goes, crumble for the sake of media frenzy and a hungry public demand.

Fuelling our games of hatred filled gossip has not been hard though. Knox has been cleared of her murder charge but is not fully innocent. Rightfully, she and her family have endured charges of defamation against Patrick Lumumba whom Knox claimed was responsible for the death of Meredith Kercher. Her alibi was also not helping matters for her as she and Sollecito claimed they could not have killed Kercher due to spending the evening smoking pot and making love.

With such drama to have come from a seemingly normal high school student, it’s no wonder publicist and agent companies are already badgering the girl. It would make for an exciting movie.

However, it’s about time I mention Kercher eh? Take that as a reflection of the hype. Is it really the future and possible fame and fortune that awaits Knox and her family that is important here? As I said, the killer is always remembered and where we can find any kind of connection with someone, guilty or innocent, we will strive on the consumption of their negative press. Perhaps and sadly, the only way to ever give Kercher media publicity to the same extent is through unravelling any negative suggestions towards her.