Is that a woman… or is that a man?

Today I went around Craighouse campus asking students their views on transgender people. What do you think about a man modelling women’s clothes or women modelling men’s clothes? Is it acceptable to live like the opposite sex?

Listen to it down below:

Aline Siekierski (@alinesieks)

What do you think about auctioning your virginity?

I went around Craighouse campus and asked students their opinion on the Catarina Migliori case. The 20 year old brazilian student auction her virginity online and the highest bid came to US$780,000.

She claims she is donating a large chunk of the money for charity, does it then make it okay? Should prostitution be legal?

Listen to their thoughts on the subject below:

Opinion of 4 Napier Students

Kirsten McStay’s Opinion

Meghan McCormack’s Opinion

by Aline Siekierski (@AlineSieks)