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    Found this site, thought it could be pretty helpful. There are a lot of different blog entries on all areas of politics that I found interesting, there are also many references to the effects of Social Networking Sites on political matters and much more. Politics is just one category in a long, diverse list. ENJOY!!



    I found this site for budding writers and enthusiastic readers where you can share your stories, read ebooks and have discussions about literature. Who knows, you might just discover the next J K Rowling…

  3. I came across the site http://www, a while ago through a facebook ad. It’s less of a journalistic site and more one for those aspiring to branch out into the fashion side of things. You basically install a button onto your toolbar (from personal experience I can vouch that it’s virus-free) and click it whenever you see an item online that sparks your interest. This then updates to the fashiolista site so other members can see, and also like, your latest find just as you can do to theirs. It’s just a good way of staying up to date and you can gain a pretty good rep with other fashion-savvy people across the world. Also, the bright pink heart button on the dowdy internet explorer page is incentive enough I think.

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