Ambient City Police Conversations


The police procedural is a staple of modern television with some of the most successful tv series Baltimore, MD. Photo Credit, ursusdave @ photocamel.comof all time, including Hill Street Blues, Law & Order and the CSI franchise. They show the public how it is working as a cop in a big city, fighting the bad guys and delivering justice. These shows however, deliver a very Hollywood version of what it is to work as police in a city with high crime rates. Most of these shows will indeed have consultants and producers with some sort of background in criminology or the justice system, but when it comes down to telling a story to an audience it’s maybe not the wisest choice for a show to be as gritty as real life for fears of losing viewers.

When The Wire debuted back in 2002 it was critically acclaimed by both the media and police personnel for it’s…

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