Scottish Independence

With the Scottish Independence Referendum fast approaching, there are many arguments coming forth from both sides of the debate.

I feel that more information needs to be given on how independence will effect our lives. Will we be better off? What will happen to our healthcare? I understand that these points will of course been covered in The White Paper, but the vast majority of people simply do not have the time to read the 670 page document. For many to get a true idea and feel for what could happen, I think that the facts need to be given in a much clearer format. I personally would benefit from this.

Beside from the strong political arguments that the ‘Yes’ campaign are fighting for, it seems to be the case that they are using many patriotic factors to attract voters. Yes Scotland is a great country and everyone should be proud to be Scottish. However, I’m not sure whether this can be a valid reason for independence. Why can we not be proudly Scottish and British?

Personally, I do not have a strong interest in Politics but I still care about how my future may or may not be affected. Despite the fact that I am swinging towards  a no vote at this moment in time. I feel that I need more relevant information to help finalise my decision.