Scottish Independence

Should Scotland be an Independent country? Yes or No? On the 18th September 2014, Scotland’s fate will ultimately be determined but who knows all the facts?

For an 18-year-old girl, I would consider myself politically informed. However, I’m sure even I don’t know half of the facts. Many people just want a simple list of positives and negatives but is it as easy as that? Who could simply list them and give an un-bias opinion. With the release of the White Paper , it gave Scot’s an opportunity to read up on the main questions which many wanted the answers to. I feel the document was targeted at those already politically informed, but not in any way educating the younger 16 year olds which are clueless yet been granted the opportunity to vote.

‘Would Scotland participate in Eurovision’ was a question in the 670 page document, the White Paper on Scottish Independence. It deeply concerns me why anyone would consider this an appropriate question when 5.3 million Scot’s lives could change due to the consequence of the decision.

The ‘Yes’ campaign to me, uses the Scot’s patriotic attitude to encourage their vote. If you don’t vote yes then you are not a true Scot! I am a proud Scot, but I too am proud to be British.

The petty Scot vs. English hatred still remains in the 21st century, but why? Is it for political reasons or is it for the trivial reason that when Andy Murray won Wimbledon he was claimed to be British and not Scottish. Or when Susan Boyle walked onto that stage at the Britain’s Got Talent audition, she was a joke, until she sung and she is now deemed as British treasure.

Unless I get answers , I will stand by my decision.