Scottish Independence- the infuriating campaigns

The Scottish referendum is set for the 18th September 2014, or as both campaign websites plaster all over there page- 233 days,13 hours and a couple of minutes because everyone is just dying to know that kind of information… Anyway it’s coming up and us Scot’s aged from 16 upwards are going to have to decide whether we want to be free from the apparently obvious English oppression or stay in the warm and positively “cuddly” United Kingdom. Either way its almost guaranteed that no matter the outcome, as soon as things start to go bad everyone will claim that they are free from blame as they “wurney even near wan ae they votin hings” and the problems facing the country are all ………………’s fault (insert A. Alex Salmond or B. David Cameron and the other one).


No matter which way you’re leaning towards voting for in the referendum one thing is certain- the campaigns are infuriating. Every day we are bombarded by propaganda from both parties, either slagging the other off or inundating us with facts and statistics that are completely at ends with their rivals daily dose of useless numbers and “facts”. What’s possibly the most annoying thing is not just the lies and hate mongering told by both sides, but their frankly childish excuses for disagreeing with the opposition. To be fair I’m slightly pulled towards favouring the yes campaign at this point as they regularly detail how Scotland will be so much better without the English “oppression”, whereas the “better together” campaigns website only details three things that Scotland need from the United Kingdom- security, prosperity and interdependence. so basically without Britain we are hooped, to put it politely- and the blatant fear mongering for votes is something that I despise.

Saltire and union flag

The Yes campaign is no better in this regard however, with many of their campaigners claiming that England is the source of all our problems and if we don’t get rid of them immediately then our country shall become a totalitarian oppressive government such as the one seen in “V for Vendetta”.

Personally I think that no vote is a wrong vote, both sides have a valid point but the thing that many people don’t realise is that nothing is going to drastically change! it’s almost certain that the wealth disparity will get bigger, the Government will still continue to make cuts no matter how much money they save, and politicians will always be class A wankers.


But a question still needs to be asked, where do the majority stand on independence? is it a good idea or will it doom us all to become a impoverished third world country begging Britain to be friends again? comment your opinions!

Scottish Independence Rambling – Adam Sturrock

2014 is a huge year for scotland: hosting both the Commonwealth games and the Ryder Cup. But most importantly, Scotland gets to decide where they stand in their Union with Britain.

What has become a staple of politics is the constant faeces flinging to belittle the opposing side but not showing an actual attempt to answer questions. A flailing attempt to win over floating voters is only met with confusion by the public.

Solidarity at last

Both sides still have questions to be answered. We could for example, call into question the validity of rejoining the EU as an independent country; would Spain vote for us in fear of starting off a Catalonian campaign? Why are we trusting our money with the bank of England?

To the other side; Why aren’t the government down south getting involved? Will you offer more powers to Hollyrood if No is the majority?

To both sides, how are we to deal with the pension problem?

To be quite honest, neither side have offered anything to be proud of. One offers blind patriotism and the other, fear mongering. Guess which one is which?

Scottish Independence

With the Scottish Independence Referendum fast approaching, there are many arguments coming forth from both sides of the debate.

I feel that more information needs to be given on how independence will effect our lives. Will we be better off? What will happen to our healthcare? I understand that these points will of course been covered in The White Paper, but the vast majority of people simply do not have the time to read the 670 page document. For many to get a true idea and feel for what could happen, I think that the facts need to be given in a much clearer format. I personally would benefit from this.

Beside from the strong political arguments that the ‘Yes’ campaign are fighting for, it seems to be the case that they are using many patriotic factors to attract voters. Yes Scotland is a great country and everyone should be proud to be Scottish. However, I’m not sure whether this can be a valid reason for independence. Why can we not be proudly Scottish and British?

Personally, I do not have a strong interest in Politics but I still care about how my future may or may not be affected. Despite the fact that I am swinging towards  a no vote at this moment in time. I feel that I need more relevant information to help finalise my decision.


Scottish Independence

There are many valid questions surrounding the Scottish Independence Referendum. Will independence weaken university research in Scotland? What would independence mean for education? Would we have our own currency? What would happen to the NHS? How will Scotland become an independent member of the European Union?

I am in no way politically informed and part of me doesn’t really care for politics in general. For this reason I would just like a solid answer as to why Scotland should choose independence? What will we actually gain as a country and as a community? Why do we need to be independent? There is a lot of heavy political jargon surrounding many independence debates which is far too much for my brain to handle. So, for me, a simple answer would suffice.

A lot of Scots bring out the patriotic aspect to validate their reason for voting Yes. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy being Scottish, I do. I feel very privileged to have been born in this country. However I just don’t hate England. I don’t see why anyone would and I don’t think that patriotism is a good enough reason for agreeing to break up the Union.

In saying that, for some odd reason this particular discussion managed to bring about a small amount of Scottish rage within me. Maybe that’s just the effect Katie Hopkins has on us.

Scottish Independence

Should Scotland be an Independent country? Yes or No? On the 18th September 2014, Scotland’s fate will ultimately be determined but who knows all the facts?

For an 18-year-old girl, I would consider myself politically informed. However, I’m sure even I don’t know half of the facts. Many people just want a simple list of positives and negatives but is it as easy as that? Who could simply list them and give an un-bias opinion. With the release of the White Paper , it gave Scot’s an opportunity to read up on the main questions which many wanted the answers to. I feel the document was targeted at those already politically informed, but not in any way educating the younger 16 year olds which are clueless yet been granted the opportunity to vote.

‘Would Scotland participate in Eurovision’ was a question in the 670 page document, the White Paper on Scottish Independence. It deeply concerns me why anyone would consider this an appropriate question when 5.3 million Scot’s lives could change due to the consequence of the decision.

The ‘Yes’ campaign to me, uses the Scot’s patriotic attitude to encourage their vote. If you don’t vote yes then you are not a true Scot! I am a proud Scot, but I too am proud to be British.

The petty Scot vs. English hatred still remains in the 21st century, but why? Is it for political reasons or is it for the trivial reason that when Andy Murray won Wimbledon he was claimed to be British and not Scottish. Or when Susan Boyle walked onto that stage at the Britain’s Got Talent audition, she was a joke, until she sung and she is now deemed as British treasure.

Unless I get answers , I will stand by my decision.

The Scottish Referendum from an Outsider’s Perspective

I have lived in Scotland for 5 months as part of my American study abroad program, and the one topic that is always inescapable, is the issue of Scottish independence. It is my understanding that Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom, and I can see why a nation would want to be free of a greater rule. However, when I talk to most people here, I get two answers; either they are vehemently for independence or they do not really know what is going to happen.

I can already foresee a few problems if Scotland attains their independence. First, taxes will immediately rise, and no one will be happy about that, considering taxes are already very high in the United Kingdom as a whole. Secondly, the issue of which currency to use will be hotly debated. Will they use the Pound or will they revert to Euros? Lastly, the benefits of free healthcare and free university might not be so free anymore. These two things are extremely valuable and speaking as an American, I wish these came free for me as well. Yet, these problems may never exist because no one can tell the future, and we will just have to see what happens when the time comes.


Scottish Independence: I don’t care


Should Scotland be independent ? That question was asked a few thousand times over the last months. Newspapers write about it on a daily basis, polls are conducted and discussed and even my Austrian friends ask me that question over and over again. Are you pro or against being independent? From trying to sound super informed about the topic, as I am now living in Edinburgh, I started to answer with a even more clever – I don’t know yet, I need to do more research before i will answer that question.

A recent poll showed that about 23% of 16-24 years old also “don’t know” what their going to vote for in september this year, but is it really the fact that they don’t know yet ? I think most of them just don’t care and to be honest i really don’t care either. I tried to inform myself several times, searched the internet to get my personal pro and contra list and finally gave up. It is a fact that England and Scotland not always have the same needs so some laws are just not suitable in both countries, so here is one of my       “YES Scotland please get independent” arguments. On the other hand Scotland profits a lot of being british and it could have bad influence to the economy if Scotland gets independent.

I could continue that list, but in the end I really don’t care and just leave the decision up to people who do know and do care.