Scottish Independence: I don’t care


Should Scotland be independent ? That question was asked a few thousand times over the last months. Newspapers write about it on a daily basis, polls are conducted and discussed and even my Austrian friends ask me that question over and over again. Are you pro or against being independent? From trying to sound super informed about the topic, as I am now living in Edinburgh, I started to answer with a even more clever – I don’t know yet, I need to do more research before i will answer that question.

A recent poll showed that about 23% of 16-24 years old also “don’t know” what their going to vote for in september this year, but is it really the fact that they don’t know yet ? I think most of them just don’t care and to be honest i really don’t care either. I tried to inform myself several times, searched the internet to get my personal pro and contra list and finally gave up. It is a fact that England and Scotland not always have the same needs so some laws are just not suitable in both countries, so here is one of my       “YES Scotland please get independent” arguments. On the other hand Scotland profits a lot of being british and it could have bad influence to the economy if Scotland gets independent.

I could continue that list, but in the end I really don’t care and just leave the decision up to people who do know and do care.

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