Scottish Independence: How much do we actually care?

Should Scotland be an Independent Country?
-Yes or No

After discussions in class today about Scottish Independence it struck me how few of us actually have strong feelings about the possible breaking up of the Union. When the topic Scottish Independence there was a mad rush of the search engines as Google took the hit of our ill informed mentality of Scottish politics. The few who were well informed of the subject without the aid of the internet merely voiced their opinion and then accepted the opposing argument. This fleeting attitude towards our futures cannot be a good sign.

With the Referendum taking place in September 2014, we have limited time to boost interest among young people. However, in a poll of more than 1,000 over 16s commissioned by the ICM that was released yesterday it found that support for Independence has grown from 32% to 37% since September. This increase has demonstrated that there is a strong chance that Scotland may be divided from the rest of the UK and that we should get concerned, and quickly.

Becoming an Independent country could benefit Scotland; we would be able to pass acts that would suit our country and not simply have to make do with what Westminster decide for us. Many laws enforced in England and Scotland are made without much consideration of those up North. Our climate is colder, and therefore, we must take into account issues such as the winter allowances for pensioners. Also, with a lower life expectancy than England, should Scots have to retire at the same age as the English and not enjoy their twilight years for as long?

Lastly, Scotland is heading down a different political path than the rest of the UK. Represented by the Conservatives, a party Scotland has rejected for years, why should our country be pulled by the hand like an insolent child by Westminster. Is it time to stand on our own two feet?


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