Scotland? Independence? Meh?

So its referendum year in Scotland! And it has been some time since I can remember the Scottish people trying to come together to actually care about something, in fact last time I can remember such an event was France ’98. I was seven years old and we got let out of school early to watch the first game of the World Cup versus Brazil.  Simpler times. Not to mention the result from that occasion was somewhat more predictable than the up coming referendum.

If I am honest I find the whole thing a bit over whelming, my apathetic side is burning brightly at this stage and it is most likely I shall end up changing my vote at least three times on the way to the polling station.

I’m sure many people will be annoyed by this confession but I am sure a large majority would agree.  It is quite a lot of pressure especially considering its people of our age and younger who’s children and grandchildren could end up in an independent country, and all that would come along with that.

People are just firing stats and information around and as of yet it’s hard to know what is true and what is just wishful thinking. And I am not alone in this feeling. I do not like the Tories personally, however their government will not be permanent. So independence would get rid of them, but at what long term cost?

There is also a part of me that looks at Scotland and our national psyche and wonders, are we just too cynical to vote for Independence? Would we look at it all and be naturally drawn towards the negatives that are presented and bottle it…? And its not like we are an oppressed state, this is no struggle for independence. But a lot of people do just blindly hate English. Probably because their daddy, and their daddies daddy hated them too.

If we vote for independence then the truth is no one knows what would happened, and right now I have no idea what I’d vote. So we shall see what I settle on when the pen finally hits the paper and my vote is cast.

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