Are Teenagers Sick of Scottish Independence?


Teenagers at the best of times can have a terribly short attention span. When it comes to an overly long car journey or a three hour film, the majority turn off, opting instead for their own form of escapism.

This is why, after years of debate it’s almost ludicrous to suggest that the vast majority of teenagers have any interest in the widely discussed subject of Scottish Independence whatsoever. Ironic, considering the voting age was fought to be lowered to just 16 – an age where the majority are still impressionable and juvenile in a way, with only a few having the maturity to make a fair decision on their own country’s place in the world. Perhaps, this was seen by the SNP as an indirect way of influencing the already egotistical minds of the teenage generation: give them power and they will use it. After the SNP rewarded them with such a vote, maybe they thought that the impressionable teenagers would vote in their favour.

The sad thing is, this may be the unfortunate result. Recent studies show that the 16-24 age range makes up over 12% of Scotland’s population – more than enough to sway the vote in the ‘Yes’ direction. It may be seen as a generalisation, but several sixteen year olds I know would use the historical inaccuracy of Braveheart as their justification for Scotland’s long fought independence.

We can only hope that by the time it comes to September 18th, enough will either feel strongly enough to vote against it, or would have lost interest in their ‘Yes’ vote in usual, lazy teenager style.

Maybe ten years down the line we’ll see Scotland in a stable and secure economic position living in unison with England, Wales and Northern Ireland, looking back on that ludicrous suggestion that independence could have made us stronger.

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