Charity Begins at Home

There is a simple rule in life. There is no escaping it and no hiding from it; it is an inevitable happening. What I am talking about is death. There are approximately 63million people living in the UK and eventually we are all going to die. We will live our lives growing; raised by family and making many friends along the way. Why is then that 21,000 elderly people find themselves dying alone each year in the UK? They cannot have lived their lives solitude. So why are they deserted at the time when they are needed the most?


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Chanel Linlithgow

Linlithgow is getting ready to host Chanel’s annual  Metier d’Arts fashion show. An event which aims to showcase the art of small  suppliers who create specialist pieces for the fashion house. Continue reading

Are we killing our home?

Humans are great at disagreeing. No matter what the topic is there will always be opposing sides.  We do not agree how the world started; was it created by the big man himself or through an explosion of an extremely small, hot and dense body of matter? We could argue this point until we’re blue in the face. Therefore it shouldn’t come to much surprise that we also do not agree on how the world will (if it actually does that is – another controversial argument) end.

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