LOL at Love

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”
(William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’.)

So where is today’s equivalent to this you may ask? Well… you’ll find them hiding behind their phones and computers. Yes, that’s right, love has been taken over…by technology.

As technology gets faster, more high tech and more advanced, it is abstracting away qualities of something else very important in life. Love and Romance.
As the fantastic progression of this continues to grow, it’s regretful, but so very true to say that… it is slowly but surely killing off love. Of course it’s not discarding love completely, but it’s most certainly twisted the way we see it now compared to many years ago. All we have to do to get someone’s attention now is ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ something on one of their social networking sites. Long gone are the days of paying an actual face to face compliment.
‘Everything is done behind a computer now a days, even telling someone you find them attractive #RomanceIsDead.’ @KayleighWelsh.
At the click of a button, the person you like knows that you like what they have posted. It’s as simple as that. No more nervous, awkward conversations to get a girl or boys attention, no more having to pluck up the courage to talk to the person you admire. Many of you reading this might be thinking but is that not a good thing? I’m here to tell you that no, it is not a good thing at all. If people can’t get over their nerves of talking to someone, how are they going to last in this world? They can’t shy away behind a computer or phone their whole life. They need to face these situations. It’s not hard at all. Look at when social networking sites did not exist. People just had to get on with it. For instance, when going on a date, boys tended to go to the girls door to pick her up. You always see in the old films the guy, nervously walk up to the door to pick the girl up and meet her parents and promise to bring her back at a respectable hour, but now a simple ‘ I’m outside’ text, has made this cute gesture become extinct. No noise of the garden gate opening. No door bell. No knock. Just the beep of a phone. Romance is in danger.

When I moved house last year, I was rummaging through boxes in our garage when I came across dozens of letters, all addressed to my mum. They were in French and they were from her …wait for it… pen pal, another old element in love which is now extinct. It got me thinking, that no one actually ever writes to anyone with paper and pen now. No one. A Facebook status, email or a tweet is about all a teenager can manage now. My mum told me how everyday she would sit excitedly at the window, looking for the post man to see if her ‘French fancy’ had sent her a reply. She always wondered everyday if he had received her letter, she said it brought an element of excitement, the full anticipation of waiting… A distant memory to us? I think so. Our equivalent to that these days is our trusty old Imessage and Facebook chat. Not only do I now know when my message has been delivered to another person’s phone, I know when that other person has read my message and I also I’m aware of when that the other person is typing a reply to my message. No excitement and no anticipation. It is merely replaced with the feeling of disappointment as now you know that they have read your message and chosen not to reply. So it’s bye-bye to the old excuse ‘ Oh I never got your text?’… I think you’ll find that you read it…
Freya Bromley wrote on twitter (@FreyaBromley) ‘Reading ‘Love Letters of Great Men’, why don’t guys write love letters anymore? Love texts/emails aren’t the same #RomanceIsDead.

Facebook and Twitter is a main the cause for the end of a relationship or romance. With more and more people using social networking sites, they can be used as a source of spying on your other half. This easily allows you to keep track of who they are with and what they are up to when they are not with you.
Facebook stats show that a Monday is the most common day for a break up. This is most likely due to the tagged pictures produced after a ‘messy’ weekend, which your partner may not agree with. Now when a relationship does end, everyone and their granny knows about it due to the famous ‘…went from being ‘In a relationship’ to ‘single’ clogging up a newsfeed.
‘No relationship is official unless it’s on Facebook’. This is an unwritten rule of relationships, it has not been physically written anywhere but everyone knows that it is true. A relationship cannot be that serious if it doesn’t say on Facebook. A Survey taken by More Magazine shows that now only a petty 52% of males send their girlfriend’s flowers. It is more likely that a girl will receive a ‘POKE’ on Facebook than a bunch of flowers.
Leading me to the conclusion that romance most certainly is dead.

So this leads me to ask the question. Will love ever recover from this hi-tech tragedy? Will people begin to see that we are letting go of the real romantic aspects of loving someone? Or have we waded too far into this change that we cannot even relate to what there used to be. Who knows? There is more to love than expressing it behind a computer screen. It is in us all we just need chose how to express it.

Helen Kellar once said…
The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even be heard, but it must be felt with the heart.

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