Even the Big Guns are doing it!

From self-funded independent projects to big name Hollywood blockbusters, the movie industry has taken the online world by storm and embraced social media with open arms. Big time.

  The days of old school ways of marketing and raising awareness has become outdated, social media exerts a decisive impact on the success of Big Media launches, from music to games to motion pictures and TV shows. Through the world of social media filmmakers have learned to take advantage of this powerful channel of communication to build up its fan base and provide a direct link to its audience. Although the method of word of mouth will always to important on the way to market a new film, social media is the new word of mouth – on adrenaline. It is the best way of getting news out there. As stated by @Angus_Duncan “It depends how they do it. Word of mouth reviews/critique excellent, pain-in-the-ass paid ads aren’t.#sm” How can you argue with the view of a fan? Nothing can beat it. Not a newspaper advert, not posters plastered on the streets, not a TV campaign and not even billboards. If a film starts trending on twitter, that’s it, your mind is made up – you are going to see it.

  It’s a smart business. Hollywood and directors go where the large audiences are congregating. They try to get their films in front of their audience. The film industry is busy leveraging social media in an attempt to connect with fans and to promote their products. For example, Ian McKellen tweeted a teaser about his appearance in his newest film The Hobbit – “Gandalf and Radagast in THE HOBBIT” (#hobbitmoviehttp://twitpic.com/bbp4or.)  Even James Bond has a twitter account! “Here’s #SKYFALL star Ralph Fiennes (Mallory) talking about Bond’s ruthless streak and acting opposite Judi Dench as M.”(http://youtu.be/qKKYvQOjLqk) It just goes to show that wherever the fanbase is, the actors and the people behind the scenes, they go to promote/production. By doing so, it helps to create a sense of awareness and connection that many people don’t necessarily find when listening to the radio or watching TV. This is strongly seen through the tweet of @Corri_MegAllan seeing tweets from directors/actors/writers about their work includes t/audience in t/making of t/project. Like a live behind the scene #sm.

  It just goes to show that the Film Industry are doing it right, and are using social media to bring about interest. Reading and watching previews online have become quite an old school thing for more than a decade now. The partnership between the Film Industry and social media has changed the way fans receive their updates. All they have to do is post a short message on Twitter about what’s going on on set – which is amazing for building up the excitement for fans.

  However, despite this, it is also a possibility of a complete backfire. As some films have a huge hype they become quite a disappointment, for example, Promethious – there was so much hype and in was a very big let down. The studios use of social media, the hype created by facebook, the twitter feeds and the treaser trailors made it out to be something far better than it actually was. This is a perfect example of how social media does have control over what the audience may think of a film.

  Social media does have a lot of impact as to whether or not a film will be successful, however it is not the only aspect of the studios source of marketing. Leanna Hodgins (student) argues “It’s far more encouraging to see a film when I see a celebrity showing keen interest in it.” Therefore the use of celebrities commenting on films on forms of social media has an impact on a film’s success. Fans’ seeing their favourite celebrities at the films premier also has a huge impact on the film in question. It just goes to show, that when famous people like it, it only makes the public all the more eager.

  Of course there are still official websites, where people can find blogs and news sites to get the latest scoop on new films, but more and more studios have taken to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Youtube to debut their latest treaser trailers or exclusive interviews on set. But is this the future of film? They have however made it so much easier for fans to discover new film releases and how to purchase ticket, for example, twitter have daily to remind fans when they could pre-order tickets for the new Jackson film, The Hobbit. Things are just getting to that stage, where excitement is building and people are needing the news quickly.

  It is obvious to see that the Film Industry is just going to delve even deeper into the world of social media. It has no limitations.  It is a quick and easy way to keep fans informed – there is only so much information television and radio can give at the end of the day. Hopefully we will get to see what studios have in store for us in the online realm.





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