‘Argo’ review

Twitter has spoken; ”Ben Affleck, you have officially redeemed yourself”.

After a few years of forcing us to forget how good he is, Affleck has brought us ‘Argo’ – a political thriller based on truth. ‘Argo’ tells the story of the 1979 hostage-crisis in Iran and the CIA’s plan to extract six American diplomats without them getting caught or killed. Their only hope? Tony Mendez. His plan? To create a fake film, fooling the armed and dangerous in Iran and the rich and famous in Hollywood.

Needing help from those who know the film business, we are introduced to John Chambers (John Goodman) and Lester Siegel (Alan Arkin) who help Mendez turn ‘Argo’ into a fake hit. Goodman and Arkin make a brilliant double-act, helping Affleck turn ‘Argo’ into an actual hit. The story seems so ridiculous that Affleck does well not to make it feel like ‘Ms. Congeniality’ – the grainy and shady shots of Iran and the quietly mocking vibe for Hollywood means the film manages to steer clear of turning this story into a joke.

Being a true story means you know or can ultimately guess the ending, but in the case of ‘Argo’ this doesn’t mean your palms stay dry or that your mind starts to wander. This film is exciting, nerve-racking, funny and moving all at once. And it works. How much does it work? Lets just say, I needed the toilet from 10 minutes in but couldn’t leave my seat until all 120 minutes were up.

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