An Alien Invasion Would Be Welcome Right Now…

It’s true…

So where are we in 2012? War in Israel and Palestine; civil war in Syria; war in Afghanistan; civil war in many African countries; political war between the USA and Iran; Economic turmoil in Europe; poverty across the world; divisions in religion, sexuality, race, gender, class and even geographic location! Yes, it is undeniable that right now, the world we share has seen better days. I think the last good one might have been a quiet, warm Sunday afternoon in Ancient Greece where, after a tough week of thinking and being all round clever folk, they thought they’d have a rest. Before some epic war broke out on the Monday…

Einstein. He was a clever cookie. He said that (and rightly so) as long as there was men, there would be wars. So with that logic, if women inhabited the Earth, there wouldn’t be wars – but they are still human so there would have to be some sort of conflict – my wager being a lot of judging and eye-rolling. Like Mean Girls on a Global scale (yes I have seen the film, not out of choice).

So there is no getting away from it, we as a species, need to have something to direct our (apparently) oceans of hate towards. Usually target number one for us is our fellow man. And give credit where credit is due, some of our predecessors have worked damned hard to find a convincing argument to hate a mildly different group of people. For instance, racism is a rather unimaginative kind of hate. It’s too delightfully easy for white people to hate everyone but themselves, which I suppose, is a fair reflection on the perpetrators: simple hate for simple people. Whether it be the Classic, hating Black people or the new trend of hating those sneaky lil’ mexicans crossing the border, western (American) white people have got the race thing down to a tee. Across the pond however, we’ve moved passed the stage of racism. It’s not as much of a challenge and can be too blatant for our subtle and deceitful minds. No, we venture down the ‘hating people who look like us’ route. Now the conflict is not over skin colour, but none other than money! Yes class-warfare is practically Britain’s thing! From the proletariat constantly assuming that the middle are a bunch of unsavoury snobs to the upper classes viewing those below as infected inconveniences; plagues on society with their violence and drinking and “not-working-hard-enough-attitude” – I mean some only have 3 jobs!

The mac-daddy of all conflict however, is religion. Religion is more divisive than a hot knife through butter. Since the invention of the word ‘God’ man has fought, killed and more often than not died for the faith that he holds in his heart and mind. Whether it be “My God is better than your God” or “Don’t say that about my God”, the premise for Religious Warfare (<sort of a beautiful oxymoron that, I think) has shaped human history and crafted our society that we know today. Christianity vs. Judaism; Judaism vs Islam; Christianity vs. Islam; Atheists vs…everyone it would seem . Then there are the fantastic, inter-religious wars that we have all come to know and love. Catholic vs Protestant; Sunni vs Shia; Hasidic vs. Reform Jew…The list goes on and on and on.

Therefore, what would be wonderful, what would (however temporary) cease the insanity between mankind, would be for everyone, to have a common enemy. A bullseye for everyone to aim their hate at just for a wee while, for us to realise that there are more important things in life than killing anyone who doesn’t land in the same pigeon-hole you did. For a while, I (however naively) believed that climate change was the answer. Finally! Something that threatens the entire Earth! Surely something as gravely serious as that would jolt everyone into action in effort to save the place that we LIVE IN. But no – for some, the evidence just isn’t sufficient enough to make them believe that, if we keep going the way we are, we could bring the world into a new Ice Age. Politicians keep mentioning that we should vote by thinking of the lives our children and grandchildren will live as a result of our actions. Clearly some people’s response to that was “Hey, kids love snow! I’ll stick with my 5mpg car.”

So the only logical solution to solve the problems of mankind that I am left with, is the hope that one day, maybe soon if we’re lucky, we are invaded by unfriendly Aliens. The monstrous threat of a species intent on our collective demise is the only plausible scenario that we would finally rally together as human beings, not as individual factions and fight for our survival on this Planet. Only then, after producing some sort of Marvel Super-Hero team from thin-air, would we recognise that our differences should not be what define us, but the fact that at the end of the day, everyone, no matter who they are on this Planet, all strive for that one same thing…

That warm, quiet Sunday afternoon in Greece, where there is nothing but tranquility, sunshine, the company of loved ones and a warm bed to go to after a long day of doing nothing.

But then everyone would want to live in Greece then there would be a war for the land.


Just as a wee post-script again, cheers if you did actually make it through that blog and I do appreciate it if you read it. I realise that the general tone of my posts is a bit grim but I promise that my next one will be something a bit more light-hearted and trivial like a possible movie review or something.

As long as it’s not Twilight. It’s awful.

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