Can You Really Find Love Online?

There seems to be no happy medium when it comes to Online Dating. People seem to either despise it or rejoice in how they met their spouse through it. Millions of new people continue to sign up to the dating sites every year though so there must be more appealing factors than negative ones. Or does it just simply work?

The year 2010 marked the 15year anniversary of online dating sites and the industry has simply boomed. There are now 40 million users and $1.9 billion in annual revenue, according to Online dating is now the second most common way that couples get together; 17% of married couples met online while 27% met through friends. With technology quickly advancing in this twenty first century and with online dating becoming more of a norm in society, who says that online dating wont one day overtake.

The internet can provide you with every answer, so why shouldn’t it be able to provide you with a spouse? One of the big attractions of online dating is that it can provide you with a pool of single people. It gives single people access to other singles looking for love. You get the chance to scrutinize anyone you want and through the dating sites ‘matching algorithms,’ the odds are in your favour of finding the perfect person for you.

Online dating allows you to show an interest in someone but avoid the face-to-face rejection that comes with ‘real life’ dating. It furthermore cancels out the awkward first-date jitters for one has already “met” online.

Additionally what’s not to love about being able to date in the comfort of your own home? This is especially important for those who work long and unsociable hours and have limited involvement with anyone of the opposite sex outside of work. Dating in your home with your own laptop also gives you the ability to turn away and avoid any, to put it nicely, unwelcoming characters. Not so easily done in the flesh.

So if online dating proves to be simple, relaxed, convenient and effective, why do so many people advise others to avoid them?

Despite scientists having conducted experiments to come up with the algorithms that supposedly find the perfect match for you, there is actually no such evidence to support them. So although one may spend a lot of time filling out questionnaires at the beginning of signing up to a site, they do not guarantee anything.

However irrelevant this next point may be now following that point, it’s important to highlight that the ‘matching algorithms’ do not consist of key variables for long-term love. The online dating sites are for people looking for commitment in relationships so these algorithms would be useless if they worked.

Plus the data about characteristics like personality and attitude cannot accurately predict how that real life interaction will function. Online dating is just as unpredictable as ‘real life’ dating.

Deception is a further distasteful quality. 81% of users lie about their height, weight or age. Women trim about 8 pounds off their weight while men add half an inch to their height. That does then make you wonder how recent their profile picture is. You can never be too sure about who you are actually talking to, as with any other internet site.

So, having looked at the pros and cons of online dating, there seems to be valid arguments on both sides. People will vouch by them while others will curse their existence. You are bound to hear someone discredit a site – blaming it for failing to deliver a good date. It’s pretty easy to throw online dating under a bus. It can’t defend itself. Would it not though be healthier to look at yourself and examine why you have an unsuccessful dating history? Perhaps it’s not that you have a problem with the dating sites but that the dating sites have a problem with you.



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