Human scarecrow – now that’s my kind of job!


A Bangor University graduated has landed himself a £250 a week job as a human scarecrow. All the farmer needs now is the Tin-man and a lion and he’s got himself the Wizard of Oz. 

  Jamie Fox, 22, who studied Music and English, will be putting his skills to good use scaring the bananas out of crows in an oil-seed rape field in Norfolk. 

  He is equipped with a ukulele, accordion and a cowbell to frighten away annoying pests while he walks up and down a ten-acre field. Whilst wearing an incredibly bright orange coat – because all crows hate the colour orange. 

  The graduate told BBC news that he dozed off last week and woke up surrounded by a whole group of them just staring at him. 

  Mr Fox also said how his friends were envious of his job, despite the fact it involves quite a bit of boredom and standing in a breezy field scaring birds. 



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