“Goodnight folks” as the curtain closes on Mitt Romney

As the result of one of the biggest elections on earth was revealed, one man was left to linger in the shadows. As Barack Obama hugged wife Michelle in jubilation at winning the American election for a consecutive term, Mitt Romney had to appear pleased for his Democratic rival whilst silently saying goodbye to his career in American politics.

After every US Presidential election all focus is projected onto the winner with little heard from the defeated. Fast forward a month or two later and little is known of their career. Ask yourself who was the rival to Obama in 2008 or Bush in 2004, keep going back and I can guarantee you, and most Americans, will not be able to answer.

In a world that is constantly moving forward, never stopping to observe the present, is this just another example of how easily we now discard the defeated? Has the expression “jumping on the bandwagon” become an actuality of everyday life? Maybe we should ask Mr Romney, Mr McCain, Mr Kerry or the many others in the defeated politians club.

Rebecca Barrett (@beccaabarrett)

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  1. nice piece
    good angle

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