Tory MP – Caught Skiving in jungle

Torey MP Nadine Dorries has been suspended by the Conservative Party after her decision to join the reality show “I’m a Celebrity”. The show would see her leave her position in the House of Commons for up to a month.

Dorries claims she agreed to go on the show as a portal to express her views to the public.  There is much debate as to whether appearing on “I’m a Celebrity” will help reach out to the people or takes away from the importance and professionalism of her role as a politician. Many other MP’s were not even aware that Dorries was to appear on “I’m a Celebrity” until media coverage exposed soon to be contestants and was “caught skiving”. Home Secretary Theresa May criticized Nicole Dorries stating that the role of an MP is in their constituency and the House of Commons.

After George Galloway appeared on Celebrity Big Brother scarring us with images of him pretending to be a cat, drinking cream and being stroked by a fellow contestant you could think that MP’s would stay clear of the reality tv world.

Reality television shows such as “Celebrity Big Brother” and “I’m a Celebrity” tend to host a show of “Z- List” stars. For me this is not a place for politicians and MP’s. The show is definitely degrading when it comes to the “bushtucker trials” in which many contestants face tasks of eating such things as animal testicles whilst being covered in creepy crawlies.

Appearing on a television show like this should not be on the agenda for a politician who wants to make change in their constituency, city or country. Would anyone really want to listen to their leaders after they have seen them cough and splutter their way through a kangaroo brain burger?

Her suspension and uproar of her “being caught” appearing on the show instead of attending to important political issues has sparked the question from Original 106 radio station –  “Have you ever been caught skiving from work?” Imagine that day you decided to pull a “sickey” was publicly broadcast to the world with the image of you sitting on your sofa watching “Homes under the Hammer” with a cup of tea, which in turn lead to your suspension.

Claire Bonnie wrote to Original’s facebook page “ I was caught a few years back, I’d been drinking and my battery had died so I used a friends phone to call my boss, only to be answered by the answering machine, so I left a message saying I was ill and that I wouldn’t make it in today and put the phone down. As I put the phone down I shouted to a friend make mine a double and went back on the drink. Next day when I went into work I was called straight into the managers office only for him to play the message I left! Little did I know I hadn’t hang up the phone properly and my boss heard everything! I couldn’t have been more mortified, luckily he seen the funny side and told me to never let it happen again!”

She wasn’t exactly caught pulling a sickey, but it definitely seems as though she is skiving from her job as a politician. No matter what she says, even if her views are expressed through the show I’m sure many will lose at least some respect for her. Many are already vowing to vote for her at every chance to participate in the most gruesome of tasks that “I’m a Celebrity” has to offer.

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