Suddenly, the world is into politics

On Tuesday night the social networks, twitter in particular, were inundated with opinions on the presidential elections. Alongside a grammatically awful tweet from Justin Bieber (“@justinbieber alot of emotions right now. congrats President Obama…Im Canadian. Im good. #FreeHealthcare”) one particular tweet caught my eye. The person with the genius to tweet “Whenever Barack Obama signs off his twitter as ‘BO’ all I can think about is body odour” shows just how much the 2012 Presidential Election gripped each and every corner of the world. Those of us with even a very basic knowledge of politics found ourselves discussing Mitt Romney over our cereal; an acquaintance of mine proudly cited her source as The Daily Mail.

It was the same with the Olympics. We were glad they were coming to London; we hoped they would make a difference to our country; we enjoyed the community aspect of the games while they were happening. But fast forward three or four months, and who can honestly say they’ve given Summer 2012 a second thought? The battle for presidency began two years ago, but up until last week none of us really paid attention to what was going on. And in a six months Obama’s victory will be forgotten, resigned to the scrapheap – one of those events that we forget all too soon.

When Obama’s victory was announced, the word “phew” trended worldwide on Twitter. Why? None of us really know. Of course we realise that the Presidential Election is very important. The most powerful man in the world will remain so for another four years, and America’s future is secure.

When Obama’s second and final term is nearly over we’ll all get hyped up again, stay up all night and pretend we know what’s going on. Maybe by that time I’ll have gained some more political know-how and have something more to say on American politics than “Obama seems like a decent guy”, but the reality is that I’ll probably still be blagging it just a little bit. When important events come around, a lot of us jump on the bandwagon. Perhaps that’s the way it should be. At least I can say I was ‘there’ when Obama was re-elected. At least I can say that yes, I watched the debates and yes, I began to form opinions. I’m a political novice, but these days social media means that I can contribute when I want to, and the rest of the time sit quietly and learn about the things I pretended to know over my cereal. And if all else fails, at least I, unlike Justin Bieber, can use capital letters and know that “a lot” is two words.

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