Bond screenwriter John Logan wants Skyfall to be noticed at next year’s Oscars

The three-time Oscar nominated screenwriter has high hopes for his latest work on the most recently released Bond film. 

Over the 49 years of the Bond franchise, 24 films have now been released; with only two collecting Academy Awards. In 1964, Goldfinfger won best sound effects and the following year, Thunderball received best visual effects. Since then, however, the films have not had any recognition from the coveted awards, but that could all change with Skyfall possibly achieving mainstream Oscar success. 

It’s rumoured that Judi Dench could be nominated for her role as ‘M’ in Skyfall, yet when she was asked about the subject, she replied ‘Don’t talk about that yet, that’s a long way off’. 

To add to the Oscar buzz, Skyfall has already broken UK box office records, taking 10 days to hit £50m in ticket sales, making it the fastest film to do so. 

Next year’s Oscar nominations are announced on the 15th of January, so we will just have to wait and see if a blockbuster film like Skyfall can break in to the Academy Awards. 

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