Obamamania was alive and well in the UK yesterday, most of Britain’s top twitter trends yesterday evening referred to the election – “Obama” and “#election2012” being two of them. Such is the great popularity of the President among young people in UK, thousands of UK-domiciled tweeters, many under 21, tweeted support for him. Others expressed a wish for Mr Obama to be British Prime Minister. Why is Obama so popular among teenagers who can’t even vote for him?!

Obama is popular, there’s no doubting that. Maybe not so much in the US, but the popular perception over here is that he’s the man, and everybody loves him. That’s one reason.

Vote Obama cos Obama’ – @fsgria

Another is that he became president, despite being born whilst segregation was still in force in America (never mind that he was never affected by it, being from Hawaii) and is seen to have overcome extreme prejudice to reach where he is – he “deserves” it, in short. This, of course, implies that I’m calling some people shallow. Let’s make this very clear: I am, but it’s a tiny tiny percentage.

‘…americas capable of anything, this is a good thing for Obama cosif he does good ppl will vote for him…’ – @howjenaltan

Over in the US, there were even weirder, shallower, ideas behind voters picking Obama. I’m not even going to comment any more, just read these (all the spelling and grammar errors are their’s, by the way):

‘I’d vote for Obama cos he’s fit’ – @chlo_griff

‘I GRANTUEE you that if Obama had the sane ideas that Romney had (black people) would still vote Obama cos he’s black -_- #ignorance’ – @XxtravienXx


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