Sports Personality of the Year

Joanne Clark and Lauren McKinney find out who is the favourite Scot to win Sports Personality of the Year awards which will be announced this Sunday.

ASDA’s new fashion range: hit or miss?

Dresses from ASDA’s new collection have been inspired by powerful women, such as Michelle Obama, Carol Vorderman and Karen Brady. Alice and Rosie found out what Craighouse students thought.

Christmas, By Finlay and Nicola

Napier’s view on when christmas decorations should be put up.

Transgender modelling; is this really a mans world?

Today, I asked students at Edinburgh Napier’s Craighouse campus for their opinions on Transgender models. Is socially correct that a man model a women’s clothes? Does it send confusing messages to the public? 

Have a listen, and ask yourself what you think. 

Is that a woman… or is that a man?

Today I went around Craighouse campus asking students their views on transgender people. What do you think about a man modelling women’s clothes or women modelling men’s clothes? Is it acceptable to live like the opposite sex?

Listen to it down below:

Aline Siekierski (@alinesieks)

Scottish Independence Referendum – For Or Against?

By Marc McArdle and Laura Palmer.

One Scottish student’s view on Scottish Independence:


The Perfect Christmas

Edinburgh Napiers idea of the perfect christmas from 2 different perspectives.