Sandy: Americans are the Lucky Ones

We are receiving round-the-clock footage and reports of the devastation Sandy is wreaking on the American East Coast. At least forty have died and thousands of homes, businesses and roads have been almost submerged in water.

But already America is starting to get back on its feet. Businesses on the east-coast are starting to reopen. Flights to New York have resumed. New York was fortunately prepared for this and despite the $30-$40billion cost of clearing up the wreckage, the east coast will be back to its former glory before long. Those we should really be concerned about are the thousands of people in the Caribbean affected by the storm.

Around 70 people were killed in the Caribbean and the death toll will likely continue to rise due to a foot shortage and the spread of cholera through flood water. America has the money to deal with disasters like this; poor countries, such as Haiti or Jamaica, do not. What will happen to the thousands there whose houses have been flooded or totally destroyed?

Don’t get me wrong; I am deeply sympathetic for those in America who have seen their homes ruined. However, most of these people have insurance to lessen the blow. Then there is the government aid. Their counterparts in the Caribbean will most likely get nothing. The Prime Minister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson Miller said “even before the hurricane we faced serious economic challenges. This has been made worse with the passage of Hurricane Sandy.”

What I find the most disappointing is the lack of media coverage on the effects on the Caribbean. I struggled to even find the total death toll in amidst countless video footage, eyewitness stories and even American celebrities having their say. So while you’re watching the news tonight and see the latest of the storm in America, spare a thought for those whose story will go untold.

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