Hurricane Sandy devastates America

New York City woke up this morning to witness the destruction caused by another night of Hurricane Sandy. Where normally a skyline of the city would be full of light and activity, pictures taken today show a city in the dark. Clouds lingered in the early hours of the morning – remnants of the storm that is just beginning to pass. After two days, the weather has finally calmed slightly.

Businesses and schools in the north east are expected to re-open on Wednesday, but it will be a long time before the city fully recovers. Damaged by severe flooding, the subway will remain closed for some time to come.

Some residents were able to see the brighter side, though. Catherine Barde, a Red Cross worker from New Jersey, remarked that “last night was quite something.” Safe in the eye of the storm, she describes how she was able to help other members of the community without feeling in too much danger. Some areas weren’t so lucky, though – more than forty people are thought to have died in New York alone.

The lights will turn back on in New York soon, but we must not forget that the recovery effort will continue for some time, no matter how well they appear to be coping. There is no doubt that it will be a long time before NYC and the surrounding area is restored to its former glory. The overall cost of the storm is estimated to be around $40 billion.

Among the areas hit so far are Jamaica, Cuba, and sadly Haiti; struck again less than two years after its last catastrophic earthquake. Barely beginning to recover after January 2010, Haiti proves that the work will never truly finished until regions prone to natural disasters can put in place effective measures to avoid such destruction in future. Storm Sandy now makes its way towards Canada.

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