Frankenstorm Plays a Trick This Halloween

As the USA is facing a hurricane which strength is being compared to that of The Great Hurricane of 1938, one issue that seems to be causing a great deal of controversy is, will we be able to trick or treat this Halloween? Affected towns are doing their best this year to keep this soggy holiday spooky and are working through the advice to reschedule their holiday celebrations. In New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has announced on Twitter that he will sign an Executive Order to change the date of halloween, assuming that conditions are not safe for trick or treating. Meanwhile, officials have already slashed New York’s celebration plans by announcing the cancelation of the parade in Park Slope. On Tuesday, the parade’s website announced “For the first time in our 39year history, the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management and the NYPD have CANCELLED the Parade… Hallelujah Halloween!” However, some parents are battling the weather in a bid not to disappoint excited children, by dusting off their costumes and setting up indoor halloween activities – all the fun of the holiday but in the shelter of your own home. Parents are trick or treating indoor, setting up scavenger hunts and having scary movie nights with friends, all in an attempt to hide from the ghoulish weather that is haunting their streets.

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