The ‘I want’ culture and the power of advertising

A fun and fast advert can catch your eye once, see the same advert at least four times whilst watching an hours’ programme and it can catch your interest as well. Cue the new Mircosoft Surface.

” @Microsoft launches #Windows8 & #Surface

With a slick design to rival the ipad and an attachable keyboard could this be the start of a new era for all computers? With a touch screen on all new devices whether they be tablet form or desktop, Microsoft have stepped up to the mark as Apple have dominated the technologic market in the last few years.

Although the Ipad and Apple has its loyal followers, those with a Nokia smartphone, which also runs the same Windows system as the new Surface release, may now consider displaying a newfound brand loyalty. A large bright colourful screen, a full size usb jack and near indestructable casing are just some of the specifications which makes the Surface a better inbetween tablet and laptop than others of the market.

All this learnt from a very clever 30 second advert, showing off the best points and creating a need within consumers.

Has advertising become so powerful that when stratigically placed between our favourite shows, we can be persuaded to buy almost anything?

Rebecca Barrett (@beccaabarrett)

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  1. i enjoyed reading this, it’s veyr good

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