Goverment pressures the BBC over sex abuse scandel.

Savile was best known for his TV series “Jim’ll fix it”. He became a household name throughout the 70’s and 80’s.

The BBC was given a warning yesterday from the Government over the growing sex abuse scandal and it was raising its “very real concerns” about the public trust in the broadcaster.

The BBC has been sent in to disarray over allegations that it tried to conceal the sexual abuse by one of its most popular presenters, Jimmy Savile. The broadcaster is also trying to explain why it cancelled one of its programs that aimed to investigate Savile’s abuse  of young girls.

The BBC and the police, both publicly funded, are investigating allegations that the cigar-chomping Savile, who passed-away last year, abused children as young as 12 on the BBC premises over possibly 6 decades.

The Prime Minister told parliament, “The Government will do everything it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure we can learn the lessons of this and it can never happen again.”

The comments from Cameron follow a letter from Culture Secretary Maria Miller who warned the BBC “very real concerns are being raised about public trust and confidence in the BBC.”

The Director General George Entwhistle has been heavily criticized for his uncertain and limp appearance in front of Parliament on Tuesday answering questions over the scandal.

Entwhistle’s predecessor, Mark Thompson, has also be called in for questioning and his knowledge about the scandal. Thompson’s soon-to-be employer, The New York Times, has questioned whether he is fit for the his role at the newspaper.

These allegations are one of the biggest, if not the biggest, controversy to hit BBC since it mistakenly reported that Tony Blair had “sexed up” the intelligence to invade Iraq war in 2003.




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