Talking Whale more comprehensible than Cockney.

Following in the footsteps of the parrot and the dolphin, it seems an albino Beluga whale has tried its flipper at mimicking human speech.

Y’orite Guv’na

Though admittedly sounding more like the incoherent Latino mumblings of El Mudo’s “Chacarron Macarron”, an underwater diver actually mistook the whale’s garble as a colleague instructing him to get out of the water; prompting the whale’s trainers to try and teach the playful Beluga a firmer understanding of human speech. Breakthrough’s were made as Nuc, who was ‘speaking’ in several octaves lower than his fellow whale peers, was trained to speak on cue. This is particularly impressive when you take into consideration how difficult it would be for us to learn how to speak fluent whale. It also begs the question – who would you trust to warn you of imminent danger – a talking whale or a broad Cockney?

Now all we need is a brave young badger to step forward next summer to shout a bold “Go away.” to all pro-cull activists.

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