Religion In Politics

Republican candidate Richard M0urdoch caused a media and public backlash after stating that pregnancies caused by rape are ‘something God intended to happen’. This statement sparked debates amongst the public on both issues of abortion and religions place in Government.

It seems odd that in this modern day and age acts of aggression and tragedy can still be labelled as Gods will. (In no way am I challenging religious beliefs; I am however challenging the integrity of some religion driven candidates.)

The fact that some candidates would restrict the freedom of choice and control over one’s own body by their own personal beliefs and morals is both out of touch and appalling; it assumes a system of government which condemns those who oppose religion or support controversial topics such as abortion. This in turn breeds a society in which the government would happily control and dictate other ethically sensitive issues by the morals of their own religion.

To govern a populace on the basis of a single morality be it Christianity or any other religion is incredibly single minded. However to govern a populace on multiple ethical viewpoints and to come to a logical, unanimous decision is undeniably difficult.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that humanity is capable of living in a perfect utopian society, nor am I too cynical to place hope in a united, equal humanity. Yet I am human enough to realise that calling rape an act of god or campaigning against an issue such as abortion with no personal experience or comprehension of the emotional and mental strain It places upon an individual is selfish, uninformed and has no place in a true government.

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