Clark Kent puts down his pen

Superman or Clark Kent; who’s the hero?

Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent has worked at the Daily Planet newspaper since the creation of his character in the 1940’s , but now he writers of DC comics feel  that the Kent has spent  to long suited up behind a desk.


In the newest edition of the superman series see’s the man of steel standing up front of his bosses and co-workers, in a rather dramatic way, to resining from his long standing post in order to hit the web and ‘make a difference’. Writer Scott Lobdell told USA today about how Kent feels that print journalism has given way to entertainment.


Although this story may not be the most substantial or important piece of news that you read today, for superman fans, it really is a milestone in DC history. Superman as well known in the comic book world for being the most powerful man on the planet, but as far as Clark Kent goes he appears, glasses and all, as nothing more than a comical façade, but now it appears Kent’s going to step up and make a difference in his own way.


The writers have suggested that Clark will really start to come into his own and use the web as a means of exposing the unvarnished truth, and how appropriate, when social media sites such as twitter and facebook can spread news faster than any newspaper. He survives by blending in so why wouldn’t he adapt the same as the rest of the world.


This alteration also highlights how the internet gives the average person a voice, a very powerful voice, and that’s what Clark Kent is supposed to be, just an average guy. So perhaps you don’t have to be superhero to change the world?

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