Edinburgh Online Fashion Week

Newly launched 22nd October, by Edinburgh Online Fashion week is set to broadcast three shows a day via the web, showcasing designers ranging from Edinburgh graduates to well known high street brands found locally. Yesterday saw House of Fraser launch the week with a mix of styles, cuts and colours.

The show opened with casual knitwear, demonstrating bold flashes of colour juxtaposing with darker more somber colours. As the show progressed the palette became more muted in keeping with the natural autumn colours with deep burgundy and purple, inky blues, smokey reds and mustard, all reminiscent of a dark autumn night. Cuts were kept sharp with both women and menswear, keeping everything elegant yet striking. The last five minutes of the show saw looser, floating fabrics on beautiful ball gowns and shorter skater styles dripping in glitter and mixed with lace. The dresses breathed an air of femininity, displaying the natural figure with high nipped in waists and all detail was kept soft with beads and sequins.

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The next of the day was the Shhh Designer Shoe Show, which saw a variety of heels with extremely different concepts, shapes and styles. Shhh presented everything from hard lace up shoe boots perfect for autumn/winter to dainty sandals perhaps designed for warmer climates. The mix of classic, feminine and bolder styles made for a diverse and engaging show.

To finish off the day, House of Fraser presented a second show, which saw a more casual approach with plenty of denim, loose knitwear and floating fabrics. Softer colours were used from sorbet shades to muted tones. Contrasting with their first, they concentrated on everyday wear but still kept everything smart. Embellishments were kept to a minimum keeping the spotlight on the colours and the way the fabric moves with the body. The end focused primarily on winter jackets and coats for both men and women, from a range of military styles to a more simple trench coat. They mostly kept in with the soft colour palette, although bright pops of colour were added with bright pink and blue styles.


Edinburgh Online Fashion Week continues throughout the rest of the week and you can watch all the shows from their website. 

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