Are the ideologies presented by the X Factor Immoral?

We all knew that the UK X Factor was equally as occupied with looks as it was with singing but this year seems to have taken things to a new extreme. If you were to turn on the X Factor for the first time I seriously think some people would become confused to whether contestants were being judged on singing or aesthetics, and to me this is utterly and morally wrong.

With the vast majority of talent displayed as mediocre as ever I haven’t exactly taken to the X Factor as much as previous series, but this year seems to be trying to attract audiences by displaying nothing less than a freak show. With talentless acts such as Rylan fulfilling the stereotypical Essex lad role it suddenly occurred to me how horrific life has really become. Males caped in make-up prancing around the stage like bearded fairies; what has happened to reality TV? I don’t mean to sound judgemental or discriminating in anyway but how are these people the new role models in society; the worst aspect of this whole conundrum is the on-going stereotype of Essex citizens, which of course Rylan fulfils, when did glorifying stupidity become cool? What I find so infuriating about this is that it makes naive and younger people aspire to be brainless, it doesn’t even offer them a chance, and if the people of Essex aren’t hate-fuelled by this on-going misrepresentation then society must really be losing its marbles.

Watching Saturday’s episode I realised that following almost every performance the judges would comment firstly on how the act looked “you looked like a boy band” and “you look stunning tonight” are just two examples of these nonsensical observations. It’s all fine and dandy complementing a person on their appearance but the perpetuity of it strikes me as offensive and immoral. The message the X Factor is sending out is simply if you’re ugly and can sing don’t bother but if your mediocre and good looking (according to dominant ideology that is) than why not give it a shot. The constant repetition of how Susan Boyle wasn’t a typical pop star also comes down to looks, which confirms the obscene ideology of ‘good-looks’ and ‘talent’ coincide. They do not!

Surely a singing competition should be based and based only on singing. You might think I’m over exaggerating or looking into this a bit too much but with societies constant pressure to conform into certain looks and trends I don’t think shows like the X Factor are helping the average person with self-esteem. The message is being forcefully drilled into people’s psyches about how to look, and without the ‘looks’ talents you may have are undermined. However if you disagree then I’m sure we’ll find common annoyance in the bickering that is constantly occurring between all four judges, which I’m sure you’ll agree is equally pathetic as it is pitiful.

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